According to the East Orthodox tradition, worship is the main stem and expression of the doctrine, in which the sacred vessels hold a prominent position and must meet the basic needs of the ritual, as well as express the immortal world of the Kingdom of God. Over the centuries, specialized craftsmen offered their artistic abilities and piety in creation of the great sacred vessels that decorate now the sacristies of our monasteries, in addition to the showrooms of museums. These liturgical sets are invaluable not only because of precious materials they are made of, but mostly because of their designation, form and history they store.
Aspiring to contribute in the inseparable continuation of this tradition, we follow and study our fathers’ heritage and carry on with creativity and expression in the pathways of the East. We choose the materials (gold, silver, and semiprecious stone), the designs and techniques with special attention and in combination with the bibliography and the practical needs of the modern worship, so that the products of our workshops are the creative continuity of those produced in the famous workshops of Constantinople, Holy Land and Mount Athos.